40 and Fabulous: 7 Female Celebrities That Look Better than Ever ...

Women Over 40 are fabulous, chic, beautiful and much, much, much different than their younger, crazier colleagues. Their drunken photos never appear on the first page of a gossip magazine, they are careful not to “flash” their privates in public, they dress better, talk better and (drumroll)… look better! In fact, they look so good, you couldn’t tell them apart from their much younger colleagues. And if celebrity men over forties are like fine wine, celebrity women over 40 must be something even better – a vintage Chanel, perhaps? But, let me cut the long story short and go straight to 7 famous women over 40 that I admire very much:

1. Demi Moore

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Oh-la-la, this is one hot mamma and if you still doubt women over 40 can look even better than the ones in their 30’s or even 20’s, text Ashton, see what he has to say about it. LOL! Can you believe this foxy lady will have to blow a lot more than 40 candles this November? I’m positively chocked and I must say I think she looks absolutely fabulous not to mention waaaay better than ever!

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