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There are so many celebrities we wish would go away, don't you think? Anywhere we look, be it in the checkout line at the grocery store, the magazine racks or the right hand side of our Facebook page (mine, anyway), you always see the same stories about the same people over and over again, to the point that you wonder how they possibly have time to do anything else. Even if I ignore the political figures, there are still plenty of celebrity train wrecks to go around. To that end, here's my list of the top celebrities we wish would go away. I'm sure you can think of more.

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The Kardashians

The Kardashians The entire Kardashian family tops the list of celebrities we wish would go away. Kim's pretty; I'll give her that. I'd love to have her coloring. It's just that I don't see why we should pay any attention to her or her family. I'm told it's because the patriarch was one of OJ Simpson's “Dream Team” nearly 20 years ago, but that doesn't explain why the rest of them should get any attention today. I've heard them and Paris Hilton referred to as “being famous for being famous”, but the only thing I've ever gained from watching either is a loss of IQ points. As you can tell from my other articles, this is something I can't afford.


Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus I understand that she wants to prove to the world that she's a grown woman now, but some things we're seeing tell a different story. The tongue thing, the clothing (or lack thereof) and her response to Sinead O'Connor's well-meaning letter are things I'd expect from a junior high schooler, not an adult. Also, I wouldn't swing naked on a wrecking ball for the sheer reason of it being, well, a wrecking ball. Even if it weren't a real construction tool, I can't imagine it's very hygienic. It's an awesome song, though. For more on the O'Connor saga, visit huffingtonpost.com.


Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke azlyrics.com
He was Miley's “twerking” partner during his performance of his date-rape anthem “Blurred Lines”. Like I said in another article - we can write Miley's behavior as being a dumb kid. God knows I did some stupid things at her age. What's his excuse?


Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner ...for no other reason than being responsible for the birth of the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” train wreck in point #1. That's annoying enough, but Examiner.com and RadarOnline.com have Kris and daughter Kim admitting to “fudging” and faking up to 90% of the “reality” show's scenes. I'm not sure why this surprises anyone, but it's already caused the KUWTK spinoffs involving Kourtney and Khole to die off and may eventually kill the original too. We can only hope.


Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber As if teenybopper singers aren't annoying enough, Justin has taken the cake with some of his more outlandish and yet typical-child-star behavior. Huffington Post has him listed as having:

-Peed in a mop bucket in a New York restaurant while vandalizing a picture of Bill Clinton

-writing that he hoped Anne Frank would have been a “Belieber” when visiting the young Holocaust victim's house in Amsterdam
-Arriving at a concert nearly three hours late
-a DUI arrest
...among other things. He needs to go away...to rehab, a retreat or some other place where he can get his act together before things get any worse for him.


Kanye West

Kanye West smosh.com
I know the very fact that he's connected to Kim Kardashian makes some doubt his sanity, but I contend that he was annoying long before that. The link above says more than I could. So does this slideshow.


Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan I actually hesitated to add her to this list because I feel sorry for her. Her drug addiction, scrapes with the law and on-set temper tantrums are legendary and probably what keeps Hollywood gossip columnists in business. As if that wasn't enough, a handwritten list of her sexual partners was found in a hotel room that includes 36 different men in the industry, some of whom are married or in relationships. If you want a look at the list, visit dailymail.co.uk. I have to admit to envying her on some of these, though. Justin Timberlake? What a body! Heath Ledger? That man was just beautiful. I'll stop before I embarrass myself; oops, too late.

I could probably go on forever talking about celebrities we wish would go away, but I think this will suffice for now. Since I have to go to the grocery store this evening, I'll probably come back with more stories. :) What about you? Which celebrities would you like to see take a hike? Are there any who get more hate than they deserve? Discuss!

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Haha agreed!

Not sure about this article to be honest, i feel sorry for lindsay, and kanye's always going to be an artist to me anyway.. If i agree with anything, i'm not a major fan of justin sadly, i'm sure he's a musical guy, but he's really out of it now 😕 talent's running out these days from some people!

I must say I'm slightly upset that Justin Beiber isn't higher on this list.

Stupidest article I've ever read in my life. It's disrespectful to these people doing what they do

Well I disagree with the Kardashians kris Jenner Justin Bieber and Kanye west coz they r the hot celebs nowhere days so if u don't mind stop being rude

I agree

I agree with everything but Miley Cyrus. She inspires girls to live life to the fullest and not care what other people think. Sure, she may be reckless... But I'm 20 and I relate with her a lot. Maybe she just doesn't communicate well to the "older generation" but then again, we bash these people, yet we still give them the time of day to write nasty articles about them. Food for thought.

I think the kardashians just happened to be famous, regardless of any reasons. And what really matters is how we perceive these celebrities. If we are wise we would be inspired by the good in them and ignore the bad. We learn from almost everything and it takes critical thinking to do that.

TOTALLY!! DISAGREE! I love all of these people!

Sooooo funny but true lol

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