These Celebrities Are Beautiful inside and out ...

There are so many celebrities who are beautiful – you can see that just by watching a movie or just about any awards show that hits the airwaves. However, as we all know when we read the tabloids (only while in the checkout lane, right?) some of them are sketchy or downright not nice human beings. On the other hand, there are some celebrities who are beautiful on the inside and the outside. They are the ones who should be our role models. Check it out!

1. Kevin Durant

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Not only does this guy tear it up on the basketball court, but he has spent a large quantity of his own money helping the town where he grew up after it was hit by a big tornado. To the tune of $1 million! Of his own money! Not only that, but he convinced Nike to match that amount. Of all the celebrities who are beautiful inside and out, Kevin Durant might be one of the best!

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