7 Celebrities Who Looked Fab at Coachella ...

There are so many celebrities who looked fab at Coachella. Let's be real, all of Hollywood was in attendance so it was pretty hard to narrow down this list. However, I did pick some of my favorites to show you! Check out the celebrities who looked fab at Coachella and keep in mind, this is just seven out of MANY. Feel free to share who you thought looked the best!

1. Vanessa Hudgens

I can never get enough of Vanessa Hudgens' style. For Coachella, she debuted some new blonde locks (which look gorgeous), and had on some very festive outfits. One of my favorite looks from her was this purple decorative dress. I think she can pull off just about anything. She was at the festival with her boyfriend, Austin Butler, and her little sister, Stella! She's just one of the many celebrities who looked fab at Coachella!