7 Celebs Who Celebrated Mean Girls' 10 Year Anniversary ...

One of the most iconic things about April was the fact that it was the Mean Girls' 10 year anniversary. Being the huge movie that it is, everyone participated in the celebration. I, of course, wore my 'On Wednesdays we wear pink' beanie! What did you do to celebrate? Let me know in the comments! Check out some of the celebrities who celebrated Mean Girls' 10 year anniversary.

1. Lindsay Lohan

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The Mean Girls leading lady made sure to show the hit movie some love on its 10 year anniversary. She posted a hilarious photo of a sketch from the scene where Damien attends the school's all-girls meeting, shouting out the line, "she doesn't even go here!" She captioned it, "He has a point #happybirthday #10years #meangirls". LOL! Isn't it funny how people STILL use that line? I know I do. Lindsay's just one of the celebs who celebrated Mean Girls' 10 year anniversary!

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