9 Wonderful Celebrities That Help the Community ...

I think celebrities that help the community are the best kinds of celebrities, don't you? Actually, I'm generally fond of anyone who gives back to their community, whether they're bankers, sanitation workers, or movie stars. Celebrities get a bad rap, with the general public viewing them as spoiled superstars who make a lot for doing very little. It's a mistake to think they're all selfish, however, because there are many celebrities that help the community out of the desire to do good. They give back to their hometowns and schools, worthwhile charities, animals, people, the arts – you name it.

1. Shakira

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A lot of the celebrities that help the community choose to give back through education, because they recognize the importance of educating children everywhere. Shakira is one of those, having started several schools in Colombia – so she's giving back to her home community. She's also a huge lobbyist, urging leaders in Latin America to increase their support of education, especially in the early formative years. Thanks to her schools, children who come from disadvantaged areas can get an education. Go Shakira!

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