9 Hot Celebs with Tattoos Who Look Great Shirtless ...

If you're into ink, you love seeing celebs with tattoos. It makes a guy with six pack abs even hotter than he already is. Plus, it gives him a look that nobody else has. No two people have the same set of tattoos, so it makes him unique. If you love celebs with tattoos, you're going to love these men:

1. Adam Levine

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Adam is the lead singer in Maroon 5 and is one of the judges on The Voice. He has some manly tattoos, like a tiger and shark, but he also has a soft side. On his left arm, he has a tattoo of a heart with the word 'mom' inside of it. How adorable is that? Adam is one of the celebs with tattoos that is hard to look away from. He's pure eye candy.

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