7 Celebrities Who Support the Rainforest ...


In my recent quest to find out more about environmental issues, I looked up celebrities who support the rainforest. As you might know from a couple of previous articles, the rainforest is currently my โ€œpetโ€ green issue but frankly, when it comes to celebrities supporting causes, I am somewhat ambivalent. One part of me says they have more money than they or their families could ever spend, so why not just give some to the cause. One the other hand, I know that today we live in a very celebrity-driven world, and if a mere name can influence someone into a reaction, then go for it. If fame can bring an issue into the spotlight then Iโ€™m all for it. Some of the celebrities who support the rainforest came as a bit of a surprise. Will they surprise you I wonder?

1. Sting


Of all the celebrities who support the rainforest, this was no surprise. The former Police front man has been quite vocal on the subject for a number of years now and his wife Trudie Styler is also a huge advocate. They started Rainforest Foundation International in 1989 after seeing firsthand the impact the destruction of the rainforest had on indigenous tribes in Brazil. Since then, the foundation has been working with the Amazonian peoples to protect their rights and the environment and to educate the world on why the rainforest should be looked after.

Marion Cotillard
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