13 Celebrities with Body Deformities That Will Shock You ...


Actresses, singers and models are considered some the most beautiful people in the world, but there are celebrities with body deformities that might surprise you. Isn't it kind of nice to know that some of the biggest stars weren't born perfect? But of course there's really nothing wrong with having a unique physical flaw—it just adds character. Here's a look at the celebrities with body deformities that give them lots of extra character:

1. Lily Allen

Lily Allen

When it comes to celebrities with body deformities, there's one slight physical defect that seems to be more common than others: the extra nipple. Lily Allen is one member of the supernumerary nipple club, and she's so proud of her extra appendage that she actually showed it off on TV. Actress Tilda Swinton also loves her extra nipple and says that she used to threaten her brothers with it (WTF?). When it comes to male celebs, Mark Wahlberg has embraced having a third nipple, but he can't beat One Direction singer Harry Styles—the British boy band star has a total of four nipples! Carrie Underwood is one of the few celebs to have a third nipple removed, but maybe she and "Friends" character Chandler wouldn't have felt so self-conscious about their "nubbins" if they'd known how common they are.

Gemma Arterton
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