7 Celebrity Babies Who Seem More Famous than Their Parents ...

What's up with the world's obsession with celebrity babies? A lot of them are far more famous than their parents – although that's usually because of their parents. Still there are entire generations of celebrity babies who get more tabloid time than their star-studded parents. Take a look at the following trendy tots and let me know for real – do you think they're cooler than their moms and dads?

1. Blue Ivy

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Blue Ivy's birth stopped the world. She was, in fact, one of the most famous celebrity babies before she was even born. Every snap, selfie, and mention of the adorable little cutie is instantly front page news. Still, I commend Bey and Jay for keeping her private for so long. Talking about celebabies is one thing; constantly taking pictures and infringing on their personal space is quite another.

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