7 Celebrity do-gooders Who Are Always Giving Back ...

There are so many celebrities who believe in giving back! Whether they're donating to charities or launching their own campaigns, these celebrities are always showing off their kind hearts. These are just some celebrity do-gooders that have shown off their charitable side! Keep in mind that there are SO many more!

1. Taylor Swift

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It's no surprise that Taylor's one of the most charitable celebrities; she does SO much! As part of her promotion for her latest album "1989" - which sold more than 1.2 million copies in its first week - Taylor released the single "Welcome to New York" and donated all proceeds from the song to New York City Public Schools! That's not all. Recently, Taylor even helped one of her "Swifties" pay off her student loan! She sent a super fan who was dealing with some life struggles a check for $1,989.

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