8 Enduring Celebrity Myths ...

Celebrity gossip has reached incredible, epic proportions over the last few years. It's tempting to think it was never as bad as it is now, but there have always been myths and misconceptions about the stars who shine the brightest. The cast of Bright Young Things changes, but even after a star isn't at the height of popularity anymore, their juiciest myths remain in the vaults of pulp culture. I've always been curious about the most enduring celebrity myths, where they come from … and if there's any truth to them.

1. Richard Gere

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Image source: imstars.aufeminin.com

Richard Gere is the butt – if you'll pardon the pun – of what is probably the most enduring celebrity myth ever. Richard and the gerbil. It's become an urban legend by now, and it's spawned I don't know how many jokes and spoofs by now. Is it true? While it's probably highly unlikely, nobody really knows. No interview has ever asked Richard, and he's never volunteered any information himself.

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