Kim Kardashian Makes a Video with Kanye West...


Kim Kardashian Makes a Video with Kanye West...
Kim Kardashian Makes a Video with Kanye West...

After fueling speculations about being involved with each other, its official that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are definitely doing something behind closed doors. But don't get your mind in the gutters just yet, they're just collaborating on Kim K's upcoming pop album.

The girl with the Midas touch, Kim K has managed to rope in the rapper along with legendary music video director Hype for the music video. Not only that, but the buxom beauty has also been working with producer The Dream on this album. The duo arrived and left separately from the shoot, which took place in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Trying to conceal some secrets, the reality star took to her Twitter account to say, "OMG you guys have no idea what I'm doing today! you are gonna die!!!! What should my alter ego name be?"

"What an amazing day!!! I'm finished for today...but we have a few more to go! Can't Twitpic just yet, but will soon", wrote Kim.

Normally, I really don't care about random celebrities coming out with music albums, but this time around, I really can't wait... Kim manages to excel in all the things she sets her mind on!

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