11 Overexposed Celebrities I'm Sick of ...

There are so many overexposed celebrities that I am sick of hearing about and seeing constantly. Some of them have just gotten old for me due to continuous publicity or incessant playing of one song. Others, I simply don’t understand why they are even famous or perhaps I liked them at first, but they have become abhorrent role models for today’s youth. Before I begin my list of overexposed celebrities, I just want to state that these are only my opinions and if I touch base on someone you like, I apologize. I have my reasons for disliking them and you have yours for liking them, it is not my goal to hurt any feelings.

1. Ke$ha

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As far as overexposed celebrities go, this one tops my chart. Honestly, I could write a whole article on how repulsive I find Ke$ha. I will admit that a lot of her music is catchy and upbeat and I don’t change the station when it comes on. I probably even know all of the words to a few of her songs. I began to take issue with Ke$ha when she started taking her “party girl” image a little too far. All of her recent songs are about getting drunk, being irresponsible, picking up guys and being rude, crude or obnoxious while barely clothed. People may think that her words and actions have no effect on the people who listen to her music, but she recently asked her fans to send her their TEETH. And they did! She received over 1,000 teeth from the people who idolize her and she made a bra, headdress and jewelry out of them. If they will send her parts of their own body because she asks, of course they will dress like cheap hookers so they can look like her.

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