7 Tricks That Might Help You Meet Your Favorite Celebrity ...

By Holly

If you're dying to meet the star of a show or the lead singer of a band, there are helpful tricks to meet your favorite celebrity that you should try. There's no need to sit on a tree by their bedroom window when you can meet them in a fun, legal way. It might take a bit of work and a lot of patience, but hey, it'll all be worth it once you lock eyes with him. Here are some of the best tricks to meet your favorite celebrity:

1 Talk Show Appearances

If you're able to fly out to watch your favorite celebrity on a talk show, you'll have a huge chance of getting to speak to them. Shows like Live with Kelly and Michael have tons of commercial breaks, and the celebrities like to talk to their audience during them. If you have the time and the money, this is one of the best tricks to meet your favorite celebrity.

2 Twitter

Twitter won't let you come face to face with your favorite celebrity, but it could allow you to talk to them. Instead of tweeting them a misspelt, capitalized admission of your love, send them a valid question or comment. They're more likely to answer you back or favorite your tweet if it isn't too intense.

3 Wait around outside

If you want to meet the singer of your favorite band, or the star in a broadway play, stand outside of the arena to see if you can spot them. Even if you don't have tickets to the show, most places will allow you to stand outside of the area. If you're willing to wait, you might get lucky.

4 Charity

This technique requires tons of money, but it will go toward a good cause. Check out sites like charitybuzz.com to see if any of your favorite celebrities are auctioning off the chance to meet them. You might be able to purchase a night out with them or a chance to watch them on set or on stage.

5 Contests

Keep your eyes open for contests. You never know when you'll have the opportunity to win a trip to visit your favorite celebrity. In order to stay up-to-date on celebrity news, make sure you follow your favorite star's twitter and instagram, and bookmark their fan page. The more you know, the better.

6 Comic Con

If you're lucky enough to score tickets to Comic Con, you're guaranteed to meet some amazing people. If you walk the floor, you might run into a familiar face for free. If you're willing to pay to meet the person you love, there are tons of photo ops and signings for you to purchase.

7 Fanmail

Some celebrities have official addresses for fans to send their mail. If you're lucky, you'll get back a signed photograph. If not, you can still be delighted over the fact that your favorite celebrity read something that you wrote, and technically knows of your existence. That alone is something worth bragging about.

Celebrities are just people, so you never know when you'll run into one. Who knows when they'll be filming a movie in your hometown and popping into the grocery store where you work? Anything is possible, so don't give up hope that you'll come face to face with your hero. Have you ever met someone famous?

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