5 Top Bizarre Celebrity Diets...

Celebrities always amuse us with their trends whether it's their fashion, hair, makeup, or even diets! Would you try these diets just because your favorite celebrity recommends it or because you hear a rumor they were eating like this? Guest blogger Bella from Cosmetic Surgery Guruis back with us today to share with us 5 Top Bizarre Celebrity Diets, would you put any of these to the test....

Bizarre Eating Habits of the Rich and Famous...

Many celebrities love Botox®, boob jobs and other beautifying treatments and will do all they can to look great.

From gruelling workouts to wacky eating regimes there really is no limit to what the A-list crew will do.

Stars often step out rocking spectacular bodies, so what do they eat to stay in shape?

Here are some of the most bizarre celebrity diets out there:

1. The Baby Food Diet...

Believe it or not, many Hollywood stars swear by the baby food diet, which allows you to eat nothing but mashed up and pureed foods.

Apparently created by celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, the diet promises weight loss and is even supposed to curb craving for sweet, delicious, fat-filled treats.

People following this plan are required to substitute one or more of their daily meals for this tasty mush and are supposed to feel satisfied like toothless babies.

Word on the street is that stars such as Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon have given it a try, so it must be good.