7 ABC Celebrities Who Are Totally Crush-Worthy ...

There are so many ABC celebrities who are sure to make you swoon! On this list, you'll find the dreamy men of ABC and ABC Family. Narrowing it down to just seven was extremely tough, so I thought I'd limit it to one hunk per show. Because let's face it, this entire list could be just men from Grey's Anatomy! Check out the ABC celebrities who are extremely crush-worthy. Let me know who your favorite is!

1. Tony Goldwyn

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Tony Goldwyn, or President Fitz, is quite the dreamboat. Am I right, ladies?! He graces our TV screens every Thursday on the hit show, Scandal. He stars opposite Kerry Washington, which only makes the show even better! He's even inspired some "Fitz" apparel! Honestly, I'm dying for a "Fitz for President" t-shirt! He's just one of the many ABC celebrities that'll make you never want to change the channel.

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