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My favourite kinds of interviews with famous people are the celebrity interviews on Ellen. For several reasons actually; 1) I love Ellen, and I think most of the world does, 2) Her interviews with celebs are funny and relaxed, not so intense (ahem Barbara Walters), 3) Celebrities seem at ease talking to her, and 4) Interviews on her show are damn fun! So here are the 7 best celebrity interviews on Ellen!

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Bruno Mars in 2014

This interview here is hands down one of the best celebrity interviews on Ellen, and it’s also the reason why I love watching her show. Bruno Mars had his debut performance on Ellen, and he chose her show to address all those nasty things said about him after his Super Bowl performance. Ellen gets all the best guests and all the best shows, because people feel comfortable around her! I LOVE this interview with him, because really, how often do we get to watch a Bruno Mars interview?


Sofia Vergara in 2014

I don’t watch Modern Family, but from what I’ve seen on Ellen of this girl, I love Sofia. It was that hidden camera stint Ellen had her do that really made me laugh my ass off. To me, any interview with Sofia on Ellen qualifies as one of the best celebrity interviews on Ellen. This isn’t groundbreaking journalism people, but I challenge you find an interview anywhere else that will make you crack up like this one. Interviews like this is why we love Ellen, am I right ladies?


Portia De Rossi in 2012

This is an interesting concept; to interview your wife in front of a live audience and millions watching at home, but if anyone can do it – Ellen can. The reason I include this on the list of one of the best celebrity interviews on Ellen isn’t just because of this interesting dynamic, but because it’s a beautiful interview. Portia hit on such real and raw emotions, and talked about health issues that many people across the country are suffering from. You can tell that she really wants to get her story out to help people, and it’s beautiful that she gets to share her story with her biggest supporter right there across from her.


Meryl Streep in 2014

Meryl Streep is an icon. She’s beyond talented, humble, beautiful, and just an all around perfect woman in the eyes of Hollywood. What I love about celebrity interviews on Ellen is that we tend to see a more human side of these people that we usually only see in one light. I credit that to the celebs knowing that Ellen will grant them the respect to not dig so intrusively into their private lives. I mean I’ve seen Meryl Streep in her funnier roles, but I never knew just how funny she was in real life! This is an awesome interview, you must watch it!


Chelsea Handler in 2013

I think Chelsea is one of those people who you either love or hate, and I happen to this this girl is pretty darn awesome. Some of the best celebrity interviews on Ellen are the interviews with other talk show hosts, and she and Chelsea hit it off perfectly. Both of them have their own brand of humour, but you can’t help but laugh at whatever each of them are saying, and that’s why we love Ellen interviews!


Jennifer Lawrence in 2012

Jen is the every-woman, as in every woman loves her, every woman wants to be her, every woman also wants to be her best friend. She’s this perfectly normal, ridiculously talented and hilarious girl. It’s not only one of the best celebrities on Ellen, but it’s also one of the most watched. I say this is because people love Jen, and people love Ellen, so when they come together for 30 minutes of short but awesome prime time, the world can’t help but tune in!


Ryan Gosling in 2011

Ryan Gosling is on Ellen, on a treadmill, and is in a onsie. Ryan Gosling, who’s Canadian, who’s hilarious as heck, and so incredibly charming. I digress; he has to be on the list of people that make up the best celebrity interviews on Ellen because Ryan Gosling is loved by everyone, then he goes on Ellen and makes us see just how cool he is. This interview does this, and I love it.

Now that I’ve gone through this list of great celebrity interviews on Ellen, I can’t help but go on an Ellen watching spree on Youtube. Next thing you know it’s 3 in the morning and I’m still going with this! Anyways, tell me ladies, who were your favourite celebrity guests on Ellen?

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Kristen Bell talking about loving sloths. Hilarious!

Vanessa Hudgens about meeting Meryl Streep

I love Ellen!

I love love Ellen!!! Can't get enough of her!!!!!!

I love this show so much! Simply amazing :-)

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