7 Celebs Who Rock Bold Brows and Look Fab ...

Amazingly, there are actually so many celebs who rock bold brows! There are, of course, the people who love the look and the people who hate the look. I for one, love it. I think bold brows can look fierce on anyone -- especially these celebs! It calls attention to your eyes and after all, the eyes are the window to the soul, right? Check out a few of the beautiful celebs who rock bold brows!

1. Camilla Belle

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I think Camilla's eyebrows look great on her. It definitely makes her stand out amongst those who all strive to look the same in Hollywood. She always looks so classy on and off the red carpet and I think her brows give her an extra "edge." She's definitely one of my picks for celebs who rock bold brows and look fab!

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