11 Celebrities Who Only Get Better with Age ...

I think we all have a running list of celebrities who get better with age. They just seem to age so well that they almost look the same, if not better, than when they were younger. Some say it’s due to exceptional genes, while others think there’s been some work done in order to age so gracefully. In any case, these 11 celebrities who get better with age look unbelievably youthful and radiant and I hope to follow in their age-defying footsteps!

1. Sharon Stone

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Sharon Stone has been under the radar for a while until I recently saw her on the cover of Shape’s March 2014 issue and she looks amazing! Stone is 56 and a single mom of three sons, but you’d never know it by the way she looks. There’s no doubt that she’s one of the celebrities who get better with age. Check out the magazine for yourself where Stone discusses her personal journey and views on aging as well as her healthy lifestyle which I’m sure are the reasons why she remains so gorgeous minus the plastic surgery.

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