7 Best Celebrity Interviews on Ellen ...

My favourite kinds of interviews with famous people are the celebrity interviews on Ellen. For several reasons actually; 1) I love Ellen, and I think most of the world does, 2) Her interviews with celebs are funny and relaxed, not so intense (ahem Barbara Walters), 3) Celebrities seem at ease talking to her, and 4) Interviews on her show are damn fun! So here are the 7 best celebrity interviews on Ellen!

1. Bruno Mars in 2014

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This interview here is hands down one of the best celebrity interviews on Ellen, and it’s also the reason why I love watching her show. Bruno Mars had his debut performance on Ellen, and he chose her show to address all those nasty things said about him after his Super Bowl performance. Ellen gets all the best guests and all the best shows, because people feel comfortable around her! I LOVE this interview with him, because really, how often do we get to watch a Bruno Mars interview?

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