7 Celebrities with More than 3 Children ...


So, I’ll confess that I had some surprises researching celebrities with three children or more. Certainly, I knew about Kris Jenner, and Angie’s troop, but there were others I had assumed were childless for some reason. I never seem to find enough time to tackle everything on my personal to-do list, and here are celebrities with three children or more that are making films and doing all kinds of movie star stuff, while also keeping a family together!

1. Marie Osmond – 8 Children

Marie Osmond – 8 Children

With husband Stephen Craig, Marie has son Stephen. With Brian Blosil, she has son Matthew and daughter Jessica, and she's adopted five children daughters Rachael, Brianna, and Abigail, and sons Michael and Brandon. Marie earns a place at the top of the list of celebrities with three children or more with this stunning brood! Wow!

Angelina Jolie – 6 Children
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