7 Celebs from CW's Arrow That Are Social on Twitter ...

There are so many celebs from CW's Arrow that are constantly live-tweeting the show, interacting with fans, and just being social on Twitter! First off, if you haven't already jumped on the "Arrow" band-wagon, what are you waiting for? It's quickly become one of my favorite must-see shows for so many reasons. There's the obvious man-candy on the show, some serious drama, and overall, fantastic acting. Take a look at some of the celebs from CW's Arrow that are very social on Twitter!

1. Stephen Amell

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The show's leading man, Stephen Amell, does a fantastic job at staying social on Twitter. He's constantly live-tweeting through the episodes, even if he's busy on set. He spills secrets about shooting locations and it's really fun to see the behind-the-scenes pictures of Stephen dressed as "Oliver Queen", or, "the arrow". You can follow Stephen at @amellywood. He's just one of the many celebs from CW's Arrow to be interactive on Twitter!

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