7 Celebs Who Are Obsessed with True Detective ...

Turns out I'm not the only one obsessed with HBO's True Detective! There are tons of celebrities who got hooked on it, admitting that the series was taking over their life! I love when celebrities are binge-watching the same show that I am. It shows that even celebrities can be mega-fans! Have you seen the series yet? If not, I seriously suggest you do! Check out some celebrities who are obsessed with True Detective!

1. Nina Dobrev

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The Vampire Diaries', Nina Dobrev, is a huge fan of the HBO series. She even took to Twitter to let her fans know about her obsession! She tweeted, "True Detective is taking over my life. Can't sleep til I finish. #BingeWatching." Been there, Nina, been there! I love that she understands the binge-watching struggles. She's just one of the celebrities who are obsessed with the show.

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