7 Pairs of Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Related ...

Check out this list of celebrities you didn’t know were related - are you as surprised as I am!? After the initial moment of amazement about these pairs of relatives, you’ll soon start finding similarities between the two. It just goes to show that talent really does run in families, and these family lines definitely seem to have a vast amount of it to go around! I'm really interested to hear your reactions to these celebrities you didn't know were related.

1. Emma Roberts & Julia Roberts

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With those smiles, how can these two not be related? This duo tops my list of celebrities you didn’t know were related, and this is the entry that perhaps surprised me the most. The stunning Julia Roberts is the aunty of Emma Roberts, and as a young girl, Emma used to spend lots of time on her aunty’s film sets, instilling in her a love of acting. There is no doubt that the two are incredibly talented.

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