7 Strange Celebrity Looks That Shouldn't Work but Kind of Did ...

Strange celebrity looks are pretty much a dime a dozen, especially among celebs fighting for relevance or looking to promote something. Then again, some of them just enjoy the shock factor and take great pleasure in experimenting with increasingly odd looks. All too often, these strange makeovers don't work at all … but others, which have no earthly reason to look good, end up being just funky, edgy, and trendy enough to make a stylish splash. Take a look at some of these strange celebrity looks that shouldn't have worked but sort of did, all the same.

1. Miley Cyrus and Her Eyebrows

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I'll be honest, this is the look that spawned this post … because I kind of like it. A lot of strange celebrity looks have had something to do with either bleaching or shaving eyebrows, because that was after all the big trend a few seasons ago. I don't like it, usually; more often than not, it ends up looking sort of alien. I'm also not the biggest Miley fan in the world, but although she's already gone back to more or less normal (concerning her eyebrows, at least), I loved her bleached look. Something about it really worked with that platinum, neo-punk haircut, and I thought it brought out her feminine features.

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