7 Celebrities Who Starred in Commercials before They Were Famous ...


You donโ€™t expect many celebrities who starred in commercials to skyrocket to fame, but they had to test the acting waters somehow, right? In reality some of the most well-known celebrities had their breakout moments during TV commercials. Here is a list of 7 celebrities who starred in commercials before they were famous and yes, you might experience a little bit of nostalgia!

1. Lindsey Lohan

Lindsey Lohan

Before the paparazzi, scandals and rehab, Lindsey Lohan got her start on a Jell-O commercial in 1995, alongside Bill Cosby! The fresh-faced redhead can be seen prancing around to a catchy song while eating grape Jell-O. Only if things were still that simple for her now! I guess not everything works out for these celebrities who starred in commercials!

Jennifer Lawrence
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