12 Hottest Famous Guys (Brits Vs. Americans) ...


These past couple of years, all eyes have been on Great Britain.

From the Royal Wedding, to the Olympics, to bands like One Direction and The Wanted that hail from Great Britain.

England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales have had a great couple of past years.

But I am here to put them to the ultimate test…do their guys match up to our American boys?

1. Ryan Lochte – Hottest American Athlete

Ryan Lochte – Hottest American Athlete

During the summer Olympics, all eyes were on this swimming cutie.

The fact that he’s an 11 time Olympic gold medalist is just icing on the cake for Lochte.

He spent the summer showing off his flawless body in that itty bitty USA Speedo while winning us the gold.

2. David Beckham – Hottest British Athlete

David Beckham – Hottest British Athlete

While Ryan Lochte may be the star of the summer for the US, he might not be on the same level as David Beckham.

This soccer stud is famous for his signature bend kick and his even more signature body.

Plus he is married to Posh Spice, which gives him brownie points in my book.

Although Ryan Lochte is a flawless male specimen, I think this round has to go to David Beckham.

3. ‘Nsync – Hottest American Boy Band

‘Nsync – Hottest American Boy Band

Boy bands were all the rage during my childhood.

I mean a group of hot guys who can sing and dance…what’s not to love?

And ‘Nsync was all I could have ever wished for.

I am still hoping that me and Justin Timberlake will end up together.

4. One Direction – Hottest British Boy Band

One Direction – Hottest British Boy Band

After the era of 90’s boy bands, the British are bringing the craze back.

This group of British hotties are all around my age and are all incredibly good looking.

Plus they have a song about not knowing how beautiful I am, which makes me happy.

Again, I think Britian wins this one.

I feel like I am betraying my childhood by saying this, but a boy band that can sing, dance, AND has British accents.

All my dreams have finally come true in One Direction.2

Channing Tatum – Hottest American Male Stripper
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