7 Sweetly Sexy Hollywood Beta Males ...


Sexy Hollywood Males are changing, in terms of what women like.

I recently wrote a bit of an ode to alpha males, because they're losing a lot of love.

They are still hot – I mean, Brad, George, and Leo are still seriously sexy Hollywood males.

But myself?

I'm a geek chic kind of girl.

Give me an adorably dorky beta male any day of the week!

For that reason, here are some sexy Hollywood males that fall into the beta category, and are more adorable for it.

1. Michael Cera

Michael Cera

Why is Michael Cera at the top of my list of sexy Hollywood males?

Because he's adorable!

He's self-deprecating, funny, awkward, and his talent is truly one of a kind.

He can be the painfully awkward boy next door or the painfully awkward superhero trying to save the girl (who, incidentally, could easily kick his butt).2

He's the definition of the new beta male.2

2. Jason Segel

Jason Segel

Jason Segel is going to be my husband, but he doesn't know it yet.

I fell in love forever and ever the first time I saw him on Freaks and Geeks, and my love just continued with every film in which Judd Apatow cast him.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall was his shining moment, because this is a man who's not afraid to go full frontal for laughs rather than sex appeal.

I'm also generally fond of anyone who can do such a loving but dead on impression of Andre the Giant!

3. Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris has been one of my favorite sexy Hollywood males since his Doogie Howser days and I still love him.

Why is he a beta male?

He's not a nerd of the Michael Cera caliber, but he's definitely a different kind of leading man.

He relies on his sharp tongue, his wit, and his charm rather than his muscles – and as such, his talent knows no bounds.

Seth Rogan
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