7 Celebrities and Their Godparents ...

When choosing godparents, you want to choose people who will inspire and guide your children, so let’s see which celebrities and their godparents ended up as a match. Traditionally the job of godparents involves providing a child with religious education and caring for the child should he or she be orphaned. Today, however, holding the title of a ‘godparent’ doesn’t solely have religious overtones. Let’s take a look at some of our most beloved celebrities and their godparents.

1. Nicole Richie and Michael Jackson

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When it comes to celebrities and their godparents, the first person that comes to mind is Nicole Richie. After Lionel Richie adopted her, he later named his long time friend, Michael Jackson, as her godfather. Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson shared a close bond, especially after they worked together on We Are the World.

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