7 Famous People with Dyslexia ...

There are probably more famous people with dyslexia than you realise - itโ€™s the most common learning disorder, affecting up to 33% of the worldโ€™s population. Famous people arenโ€™t immune to the disorders that everyday people can possess, even though it might sometimes seem that way. Whether you suffer from dyslexia yourself or are simply curious to see which celebrities have the condition, some of these famous people with dyslexia might surprise you!

1. Tom Cruise

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Kicking off this list of famous people with dyslexia is the couch-jumping Scientologist, Tom Cruise. He claims that the church of Scientology helped him to overcome the dyslexia he had suffered from for all of his childhood. Even as an actor who has to read and memorise scripts, Tom Cruise has not let his dyslexia define who he is.

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