7 of the Best Career Changes in Hollywood ...

The best career changes in Hollywood aren’t something you’ll get to hear about too often because hey – once a person reaches celebrity status, changing careers isn’t a priority anymore. Some celebs, however, don’t mind shaking things up a bit and while not every change is an instant success, some settle into their new careers so well, we can hardly believe they haven’t been doing it since day one. And speaking about the best career changes in Hollywood … Wouldn’t you say these following examples fit the bill?

1. Gwen Stefani

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If we’re going to be discussing best career changes in Hollywood, we should look no further than Gwen Stefani! Now, there’s one brilliant famous lady and the fact that she didn’t even have to abandon one career to start another only serves to prove how multi-talented she is! Her music rocks and her brand deserves the same praise, proving that celebrity-launched brands aren’t all half-baked and unable to compete with high fashion.

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