17 Brilliant Actors & Actresses Who Have Played Cops on TV ...


Before becoming a fan of various crime series, and the brilliant actors and actresses who have played cops, I had no idea how many acronyms law enforcement actually used!

Of course, I know there are many other names that deserve to be on a "Best of" List, but I chose the performances of 17 actors and actresses who have played cops from my own experience.

There are so many popular shows that I just never watched for whatever reason, but of the ones I have seen, here’s my list.

1. Angie Dickinson – Police Woman

Angie Dickinson – Police Woman

You can’t list actors and actresses who have played cops and overlook Sergeant Pepper Anderson played by Angie Dickinson, in this popular 1970's crime series.

Often undercover, Angie went from nurse to prostitute to prison inmate, during the four year run of Police Woman.

Such was the popularity of this show that women applied to the police department in droves seeking employment.

2. Peter Falk - Columbo

Peter Falk - Columbo

As homicide detective Lt.

Frank Columbo, Peter Falk was a study in misdirection and distraction.

The murderer, identified in the first few minutes of the episode's opening, had to deal with Det.

Columbo’s annoying and irritating presence, including the popular "Just one more thing..." catchphrase.

3. Don Johnson – Miami Vice

Don Johnson – Miami Vice

In Miami Vice, Detective James "Sonny" Crockett was the epitome of the 80's male fashion scene.

He dominated it!

Beautiful Armani suits paired with soft-hued T-shirts were his trademark, along with that chick-magnet automobile, the Ferrari Testarossa.

How a cop could afford these expensive "vices" of Sonny’s was never explained.

Who cares?

It made great eye candy!

I loved him in Nash Bridges, as well.

4. Robert Urich – Spenser: for Hire

Robert Urich – Spenser: for Hire

I loved this show and I loved the charm and charisma of Robert Urich.

His character was like the kind of guy that you’d want as your significant other or at the very least, a best friend.

The other major character was Avery Brooks and they were terrific together.

Avery got to say the best lines!

Bruce Willis – Moonlighting
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