13 Celebrities Who Had Interesting Careers before They Became Famous ...


Celebrities fascinate us on a daily basis with their glamorous lifestyles and the incredible projects they put out, but you may be surprised to learn that there are some celebrities who had interesting careers before they made it big.

Your favorite actor or singer may have actually had quite the humble beginnings before entering Tinseltown.

It's a little refreshing to hear about their previous jobs, since many of us may have held some of these at one point or another!

Check out this list of celebrities who had interesting careers before they got their start:

1. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Starting off this list of celebrities who had interesting careers is Ms.


Today Jen is a mega-celebrity, often gracing the covers of magazines and wowing us with her absolutely perfect head of hair, but before she became famous, Jen actually worked as a bike messenger and a telemarketer.

Much like her character Rachel on Friends, Jen also worked as a waitress.

2. Madonna


The Material Girl worked at a Dunkin' Donuts before getting fired for reportedly squirting jelly from jelly donuts on a customer (!).

Sounds like something Madge would do!

3. Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi

This rocker actually worked as a janitor before hitting the stage and topping the charts.

Those are definitely some humble beginnings, which sort of shines through, doesn't it?

4. James Franco

James Franco

Before becoming an Academy Award-nominated actor, James Franco worked as a grill cook at a McDonald's.2

Can you imagine pulling up to a drive through and having James Franco flipping your burger?!2

5. Kanye West

Kanye West

Well before he was the Louis Vuitton Don, Kanye West worked at a Gap retail store.

It's hard to believe that the artist is now known for his fashion as well as his music.

Do you think Gap wants him to design a line?

George Clooney
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