7 Things No One Told You about Taylor Swift ...


She’s cute and sassy and loved by millions, but there are probably hundreds of things no one told you about Taylor Swift. Here I am to change all that. I know that I am not going to surprise die-hard fans, but I know that lots of things no one told you about Taylor Swift are going to be totally new to many. Let’s have some fun finding out what you do and do not know.

1. Swift's Sort of Blind

If you get a chance to meet her in person and she doesn't seem to notice your presence, no need to take it personally because the chances are she has not seen you at all. It's very much possible because the pop princess is somewhat blind and wears contact lenses. Interestingly, she doesn't mind admitting she's got a really bad eyesight. Is this not one of the things no one told you about Taylor Swift?

She's No Tattoo Fan