12 Celeb News to Catch up on ...


What could be better than catching up on celebrity news on a Wednesday? Okay, a lot but reading about the latest Hollywood news isn't so bad either. Here are some to get you going:

Could This be The Best-Looking Oscars "Best Actors" Group In History?


Aspen Wasn't As Perfect as Photos Showed for Heidi and Seal

@Amy Grindhouse

Kris Jenner Planning an Episode About Khloe's Real Dad

@Anything Hollywood

Tim Gunn on His Long-Term Celibacy


Emily Maynard Is The New Bachelorette

@Celeb Squabbler

Demi Moore in Rehab for Anorexia and Substance Abuse

@Celebrity VIP Lounge

Kevin Federline Released From Hospital After Heart Scare

@Fit Fab Celeb

Jennifer Aniston Just Bought a Massive Bel Air Mansion

@Hollywood Hiccups

Joseph Gordon-Levitt "Songifies" the News


Vanessa Paradis Addresses Johnny Depp 'Rumors'


6 Best Dressed Celebs at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

@Girls Talkin' Smack

Megan Fox Stars in a New Hot Commercial

@Skinny VS Curvy

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