Charlie Plans to Play Santa for TAAHM Crew…


Charlie Sheen, the deeply troubled star of Two And A Half Men has decided to pull his act together and pay a part of his crew’s salaries while he is out ‘recovering’.

The star who is supposedly in rehab has offered to pay a third of the entire crew’s salaries if CBS and Warner Bros front the rest.

Charlie’s chronic partying and OD-ing on prostitutes and drugs/alcohol has left a sour taste for the crew of the show and I guess this is his way of compensating for his screw ups. Surely this news will be welcomed by the crew that is rendered helpless every time Charlie decides to take a few days/weeks off due to his personal excesses.

There’s been no word from CBS or Warner Bros. yet on this issue, but this definitely seems to be a decent proposal on Charlie’s part. Let’s hope for everyone’s sake that this hiatus doesn’t last too long!

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