7 Guys Who'd Help You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse ...

If I've learned anything from "The Walking Dead," it's this: A zombie apocalypse makes life really bleak and depressing. However, a hot guy does make excellent eye bleach after looking at all those living corpses. And for some reason, good looking actors tend to do an excellent job when it comes to dealing with zombies. So here's a look at the guys that you'd definitely want to spend the zombie apocalypse with:

1. Norman Reedus

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Norman's "The Walking Dead" character, Daryl Dixon, has become a fan favorite, and it's not hard to see why the ladies love him — the ripped redneck might have a hard outer shell, but he's got a gooey, sensitive center. Daryl has one of the best zombie-fighting weapons since his crossbow doesn't make loud noises that attract walkers, and who wouldn't want to sit behind him on his awesome motorcycle? You've also got to love how he's managed to keep up that hipster haircut during the zombie apocalypse. Daryl can cook you up a nice squirrel dinner and craft you a lovely human ear necklace, but Norman Reedus might be even more amazing in real life — he's an animal lover with a black cat named Eye in the Dark. So you'd get an ass-kicking kitty pal to keep you company.

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