Highest Earning Celebrities of 2010...


Holidays are the season for sharing and this particular list of people have plenty to share around! Forbes has released their list of highest earning celebrities for this year.

*starts rant* We shall directly move on to commenting about the second highest earner as no one gets any points for guessing who's first - Oprah with $315 million *ends rant*. While Avatar's other worldly experience thrilled the audiences worldwide, James Cameron's thrill is of a totally different kind. The director with the magic touch rose to the 2nd position with $210 million in earnings.

Interestingly enough, the third position belongs to filmmaker Tyler Perry who ended up with $125 million.

While the rest of the list goes on with a few more 'ahh's and 'I thought as much'es, the last entry in the top 20 is a real surprise for me...

1. Oprah: Estimated Earnings: $315 Million

James Cameron: Estimated Earnings: $210 Million
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