January 1: Happy Birthday to ... Anna Brewster ...

If you have seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens (and if you haven’t why not?) you will be familiar with Anna Brewster. In the movie she plays Bazine Netal. Bazine Netal is a take-no-prisoners, tough-as-they-come bounty hunter. She’s a master of disguise and cares about no one but herself.

Born in 1986 in Birmingham, England, Anna appeared on screen long before the Star Wars gig, having been in a number of UK TV series including Nearly Famous (the British equivalent of Fame), Material Girl and The Tudors.

She is also a model and has appeared in a number of campaigns including Tod's No Code "London Calling" in 2013. Fashion is a passion.

No news yet on what Anna’s next project will be but if you’d like to know more about her and her inspiration check out the video.

Happy Birthday Anna!

Happy Birthday to you too, if you were born on January 1st. Here’s who else you share your birthday with:

Paul Revere – Hero of the American War of Independence. Born 1735
Betsy Ross – Seamstress who designed the first American flag. Born 1752
JD Salinger – Author of Catcher in the Rye. Born 1919
Colin Morgan – Irish actor. Star of Merlin. Born 1986
Grandmaster Flash – Rapper and pioneer of hip hop DJing. Born 1958
Lauren Silverman – partner to and mother to son of Simon Cowell. Born 1977
Verne Troyer – movie actor known for his diminutive size. Born 1969
Jonah Peretti – founder of Huffington Post and Buzzfeed. Born 1974
J. Edgar Hoover – founder of FBI. Born 1895
E.M.Forster - British novelist. Born 1879

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