Jess to Play It Safe...


They say marriages are made in heaven, but those in Hollywood are definitely the exception to the saying. And Jessica Simpson seems to be very well aware of that.

With Jessica's worth shooting higher with every passing day, the blonde seems to be playing it smart and opting for a pre-nup with fiance Eric Who-is-he.

"There will definitely be a prenup. Jessica has said she wants one. Jessica and Eric have talked about it," Us Weekly reported a source.

"[Eric] understands that there needs to be a prenup," the insider explains. "He's supportive of it."

Not like he really has a say in it! I'm sure a woman who's smart enough to make enough money to be mentioned in the same breath as Oprah, is smart enough to not make the same mistake twice. And then there's Papa Joe!

Eric's current occupation (bumming off his fiance) seems to be all the more reason America's sweetheart needs to make him sign a waterproof pre-nup!

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