7 Most Infamous Celebrity Sex Tapes ...

Sex tapes and more sex tapes…will there ever be an end? I believe not, considering that sex and voyeurism have been around as long as mankind himself, and will last as long as he exists. All that was needed was the technology. Now, making sex tapes and somehow getting them leaked on to the internet is a commercial strategy for aspiring stars, especially the women. However, this is not to say that all sex tapes are deliberately leaked by the female participant. Far from it. The business of sex tapes has seen a lot of bitterness and controversy, including some ugly legal battles and millions of dollars changing hands. Here are the 7 most infamous celebrity sex tapes.

1. Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee

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Image source: allcelebritygossip.com

Pamela Anderson tops the list, as hers was the first major sex tape controversy. It involved a stolen honeymoon tape featuring her and husband Tommy Lee engaging in various sexual acts, which somehow landed in the hands of the controversial internet porn pioneer Seth Warshavsky. Seth put the tape on the internet, and what followed was a bitter legal battle between the couple and Seth. An undisclosed settlement happened, after which the tape was legally shown on Seth’s site.

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