7 Most Loved Shoes by Celebrities ...

The most loved shoes by celebrities often gain cult status. With clothing and accessories, sometimes there’s no greater endorsement than being worn by celebrities. Within an instant of being worn by a trendsetting celebrity, shoes can sell out and become sought after ‘it’ items. It could be a studded ankle boot or a classic nude pump – there are plenty of styles of shoes that are favoured by celebrities. Check out a few of the most loved shoes by celebrities, below.

1. Chloé ‘Susan’ Boots

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One of the most loved shoes by celebrities has to be the Chloé ‘Susan’ (sometimes called the ‘Susanna’ or ‘Suzanna’) boot. They’re an edgy studded ankle boot and are popularly found in black or red. Early adopters of this shoe included trendsetting celebrities like Kate Bosworth and Sienna Miller. Nowadays you can find them on the feet of anyone from Halle Berry to Mandy Moore.

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