9 Most Successful Youtube Personalities That We Love ...

When you think of videos online, you automatically think YOUTUBE, but this wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for its most successful YouTube personalities. Due to the popularity of this website any person from across the world can become a household name as long as they are appealing to the viewers. How crazy is that? People have been fortunate enough to gain an audience made of millions of viewers and become so successful as a YouTuber, that they were able to quit their everyday jobs! Here is a list of 9 most successful YouTube personalities that we all know and love.

1. Michelle Phan

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Michelle Phan is often named as an "accidental millionaire." She is probably the first YouTube guru whose videos went viral and she was able to use that popularity to build her own empire. Currently she is a spokesperson for Lancôme, she has her own jewelry line and her YouTube channel has over 4 million subscribers! That’s about the same as the entire population of Ireland! Her videos are honest, clever and almost calming due to her soothing narration and that’s what makes her one of the most successful YouTube personalities!

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