7 Outrageous Onstage Moments of 2013 ...

This year, there were many outrageous onstage moments. That’s my favorite part about watching award shows! There are always outrageous onstage moments that come out of it. Here’s my pick for the top seven that happened in 2013! Check out the list and then tell me if you agree!

1. Miley Cyrus’ VMA Performance

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The public’s perception of Miley Cyrus changed forever after this performance. She danced provocatively to her song “We Can’t Stop,” and was joined on stage by Robin Thicke. The pair sang “Blurred Lines” and let’s be real, all lines were crossed that night. Miley rocked some nude, patent-leather spandex, pigtails, and the now iconic foam finger. She “twerked” it out and pretty much caused one of the most outrageous onstage moments. I’m actually a big Miley fan and personally, I think she’s just having fun. What do you think?

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