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7 Reasons Why Leslie Knope is a Great Role Model ...

By Kelly

Anyone who watches Parks and Recreation knows the reasons why Leslie Knope is a great role model. She is a crazy town official who is fantastic at her job and works incredibly hard. While Parks and Recreation is hilarious and entertaining, viewers can also take away some of the reasons why Leslie Knope is a great role model and incorporate them into their own lives.

Table of contents:

  1. She comes prepared
  2. She loves what she does
  3. She is kind to those around her
  4. She is enthusiastic
  5. She stands by her beliefs
  6. She shows that women belong in government
  7. She is weird

1 She Comes Prepared

If there is one reason why Leslie Knope is a great role model it is because she comes prepared to everything! She never walks into a meeting without having done her research and knowing everything she needs to know. She never gets caught off guard, and when she does, she kicks into action

2 She Loves What She Does

Few people can say that they truly love their job. Leslie Knope is one of the few lucky ones who can honestly say that they are passionate about their job. Her entire life revolves around perfect her little town of Pawnee. No matter what her citizens say about her, she is fiercely dedicated to her job.

3 She is Kind to Those around Her

Leslie Knope has a kind word to say about everyone around her, except maybe Larry/Jerry/Terry. She always sees the best in everyone and wants to encourage them to be the best kind of person they can be. She knows just way to say, or do, to brighten the day of everyone in her office.

4 She is Enthusiastic

Literally! - regarding everything she does. She can always be found with a smile on her face, even when everything goes wrong. She is the most energetic and enthusiastic person in Pawnee, which is why Leslie Knope is a great role model.

5 She Stands by Her Beliefs

She faced a lot of backlash when she tried to improve the health of her townspeople. But she stood firmly in her belief that people needed to live a healthy lifestyle. Even when her townspeople threaten her if she takes away their soda and sugar, she stands fiercely by her beliefs.

6 She Shows That Women Belong in Government

Even when men fill so many government positions, Leslie Knope shows young girls that they can be rock stars in public positions. She not only has a public position, she is fantastic at it and makes a huge difference in the lives of her townspeople. I hope that every little girl who watches Parks and Recreation aspires to grow up and work in politics like Leslie Knope.

7 She is Weird

Despite all of these great qualities, Leslie Knope shows that you can still leave room for the fun in your life. Sometimes being weird is better than being straight-laced and a bit boring. She can be a successful political officer, somewhat of a feminist, and a great person, while still being a bit goofy and off the wall sometimes.

Leslie Knope is everything that I personally aspire to be, but she is also a great role model for other people. She teaches us to be kind, be prepared, and to love everyone around us. What are some other reasons why Leslie Knope is a great role model? Do you think we have something to learn from Leslie Knope or that she is just an entertaining character?


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